Before we Begin

What defines success? Success is achieved when your returns surpass your investments, and you successfully attain your objectives.

After signing the NDA, we dive deep into your business, try to understand your goals and understand how the product will integrate with your business and ecosystem, which is the core of our approach.

Our business model is simple: your success with us is directly reflected in your income. With 92% of our customers being repeat customers, this underlines our commitment to achieving value-added results and fast ongoing collaboration.

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Let's Talk

Team = Infonium + YOU

The only way to build a successful product is to work together as one team. Not as a client and a vendor. We need to build our relationship on trust. The relationship is challenged especially:

  • When we want to invest into reducing technical debt instead of adding new features
  • When we want our time fixing bugs to be paid
  • When we are saying things you need to hear instead of things you want to hear

Every client has a budget in their mind. We both need to work together to meet the budget.It’s a cooperation. We cannot commit to a fixed scope within a fixed budget. On the other hand we will commit to excellent work and transparency

Agile Development

We are completely honest and transparent with you:

  • Developers cannot provide an accurate estimate of the significant amount of work involved.
  • Customers cannot provide 100% perfect specification.
  • A successful product is never finished.

With this in mind, we came up with a very simple business formula:

  • You pay for a sprint/one development phase.
  • We make the most of your money.
  • If you are satisfied, you will come back to us to invest more money.

Big Picture

How do I know we go the right direction?

When you work with us, most of the time you will interact with the product manager.

The product manager’s job is to draw the big roadmap with you and prepare the tasks. The team leader is then responsible for delivering as much as possible in each two-week sprint.