What We Need

We’re hunting for a Senior Full Stack Web Developer with an expertise in

  • Frontend : React, VueJS, TypeScript;
  • Backend : NodeJS, TypeScript;
  • Testing : Jest, Cypress;
  • Good to know : Python, PHP, and any other experiences are appreciated;
  • Databases : MySQL, PostgresSQL;
  • Cloud providers : AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, Azure;
  • Others : Docker, CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery), Git, Jira, Confluence Exceptional English communication skills, necessary for conveying technical concepts to the team and presenting during sprint demo meetings with the clients.
  • Experience with Agile development (Scrum) and repository tools like Github, Bitbucket.
  • An independent, problem-solving mindset with a strong desire to innovate, learn, and grow.
  • A sense of ownership, high coding and testing standards, and a drive to produce work you can be proud of.
What We Offer

Work-life balance and the flexibility to choose your work hours and location. Professional growth. Your value will increase as you’ll be part of intriguing and interesting projects.

Impactful work. Your contributions will directly shape our clients’ digital presence.

Freedom to innovate. We encourage autonomy and creative problem-solving. Your ideas are valued and implemented.

Collaborative environment. Our team is supportive, enthusiastic, and carefully chosen.

Diversity. Each project is unique, keeping your work interesting and challenging.

An open culture. With regular company meetings, you’ll always be in the loop.

Competitive compensation. Besides a great salary, we offer benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, yearly bonuses, and performance bonuses.

Apply Now

Job Overview
  • Location : Global Remote / Hubs / In-House
  • Type of contract : Employment / Self-employment / Full-Time / Freelance
  • Starting date : Immediately
  • Salary : 85 000 – 130 000 CZK (or equivalent in EUR, USD, GBP)
The Hiring process

Have a question? Contact us!

  • contact@infoniumtech.com
  • Apply – send us your CV and we’ll take it from there
  • Screening Interview – We will get back to you asap and arrange a meeting with our recruiter (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Home Work – Tech Evaluation via CoderPad

    • 25-30 text/multi-choice questions on Javascript, TypeScript, React and NodeJS
    • 2 coding exercises (simple single component React app, Leetcode-style exercise)
  • Tech interview – with our senior developers, live coding (approximately 90 minutes)
  • Cultural fit – interview with CEO and management
  • Offer
  • Accepting the offer

    • Company Onboarding
    • Development Department Onboarding
    • Project Onboarding
    • Probationary Period – 3 months
    • 360 Evaluation every 6 months – we value your inputs and your feedback

Our Benefits


In Infonium Technologies, diversity is natural, the pace is fast, the work exciting, and communication non-toxic and transparent.


We care about all our colleagues, we share knowledge online and we thrive on enrichment from our interactions.


We also provide industry-standard benefits, reward good work, and strive to offer personalized perks tailored to individual preferences.